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Meeting: 9/17/2018

Meeting Opened

Citizen Concern:

It was brought to the attention of the board that Aqua America intends to apply a 16% Increase to the cost of our water. Please see the Files listed for more information on what you can do. If there is enough resident concern/pushback we could facilitate a special hearing and potentially mitigate or eliminate the rate hike. If this issue is of concern to you please make it known on our FB Page.



  • Richard Walsh Library report: Approximately 75 donations, $7536, information incomplete as only the online purchases had been tallied and not the physical paper donations
  • Grand opening tentatively scheduled for October 28th, Library board sent letter to the head of libraries requesting the date be moved to early November as to accommodate Halloween festivities in the community.
  • Exterior construction is largely complete.



Police Report: Officer Dan Morrone

  • Not much activity now in BH. People have started to lock their cars so break ins have decreased
  • Some of the people that were breaking into cars have been caught
  • There have been a few domestic disputes
  • Suggested that we keep reminding people to lock their cars
    • Resident Concern: Lots of different State license plates knocking around Price and Jefferson
    • Resident Concern: No Parking signs and brackets gone on Price Street after re-blacktopping.


Commissioners Report: Mike McKeon

  • Reiterated that most car break ins and thefts have been due to unlocked cars
  • Reported that the I-76 ramps are still not on a maintenance schedule, but they are supposed to be maintained by PennDot
  • At a meeting that he had attended previous to ours, there was a suggestion to bring on a part time library staff member for fundraising for all township libraries
    • It was questioned if the position would really only be a part time position, and how would we know if it was actually fair due to a past problem.
  • Richard brought up the overgrown section of Jefferson, and that it is potentially dangerous and asked if the township could cut the weeds back and clean the area as they have the equipment to block the road and work in a safe capacity
  • The broken BH sign was quoted around $2,500.00 to replicate
  • Multiple people brought up the idea of a traffic study due to potential unsafe conditions around the school, and people not adhering to stop signs or traffic patterns especially at Springfield Ave and Elmwood Ave.
    • The crosswalk on Ashland Ave was also brought up. Maybe there needs to be more flashing lights or better reflective paint, or more signs so that people are aware there is a crosswalk there.
  • There is pushback on the Belmont Ave project for many reasons
    • The railroad company has certain demands
    • It could potentially drive more traffic into the township
    • Might look better for developers and people might want to push forward with more Apartments and housing demands might go up and overpopulate the community
    • The project is estimated to cost over $40 Million at this point


Treasury Report

  • Bank balance was reported
  • Zero memberships currently due to the year starting
    • Notices of dues were handed out prior to the meeting



  • Rende brought up housing issues on Jefferson Street, and the potential that people are making the homes into apartments illegally and renting to college students which could be one of the reasons there is such an issue with parking in that area
  • Rende stated that Aqua has proposed a 7%-8% increase, and would like to possibly get it up for a vote to get Aqua out of the township
  • It was asked who is responsible for the maintenance of the Green Lane Bridge and its sidewalks, especially snow removal
  • Pat Fusaro nominated Lisa Fusaro for Vice President of the board, Marybeth Fusaro, Tom Birkheimer, Dan Hudecki seconded the motion
  • Emilio Rende nominated Marybeth Fusaro for Treasurer of the board, Pat Fusaro, Tom Birkheimer, Dan Hudecki seconded the motion


Meeting Adjourned



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