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4/14/16 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:30pm by John Mayer

Board Attendance:  John Mayer(President), John Toner(Secretary), Greg Strickland(VP), Lisa Fusaro(Treasurer)

Treasurer’s Report:  Account Balance $1,625.93, Easter Expenses of $130.65

Membership Report:  Elections, Select Mailings, Handouts at library during flea market, block captains

Library Report:  Fund drives currently going on.  Flea Market coming up.  Renovations to library scheduled for 2017.

Community Watch:  Looking for volunteers

Community Center Report:  No report

Commissioner’s Report:  Paul McElhaney

  • Free Dump weekend this weekend
  • Shredding event, Annie Sez parking lot, This weekend, Pam Delisio
  • LM is one of five AAA rated in the country when it comes to bond issuance and finance
  • Belmont Avenue Plan update
  • Noise ordinance up for review
  • Community outreach, 3rd party audit on LM procedures
  • Managers contract is up.  2 yr contract at a time

New Business/Old Business:

  • Speeding concerns on Highland and Ashland Avenue along with Jefferson Street
  • Parking on Jefferson issues due to restaurants
  • Motion to buy plants at BH Plant Sale, $100 for the triangle.  Motion Passed.
  • No political signs on Triangle
  • Motion to pay $25 to individual in Easter Bunny outfit for Easter Egg Hunt.  Motion Passed.
  • May 15th, Civic BBQ at McMoran Park, 3pm-7:30pm.
  • Easter Egg Hunt was a success, strong turnout, beautiful day.  Special thanks to East Laurel Cemetary and Zitner’s for donating the larger eggs.
  • Norfolk Southern Meeting to be scheduled with rep from Norfolk Southern.  Date TBD.
  • Clean-up scheduled for 4/30.  Meet at La Colina, 9am.
  • Communication Manager position discussed to handle domain name, facebook, emails and website.
  • Other committee’s discussed.

Meeting adjourned, 8:45pm.

3/3/16 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:30pm by John Mayer

Board Attendees:  John Mayer, John Toner, Lisa Fusaro

Minutes are now being posted on website

Treasurer’s report:  $1,720 balance, dues coming in have slowed down.

Membership Report:  Upcoming door-to-door and Easter Egg Hunt

Library Report:  13 donors, $1,000 donated, fund drive letter to go out.  Flea Market coming up, Civic association to get a table.

Community Watch:  County offers training program, need volunteers.  Several incidents in Belmont Hills.  Possible cameras at pool, hockey rink and library.

Commissioner’s report:   Paul Mcelhaney, update on Belmont Avenue project, pothole Hotline (610-645-4782), Children at play sign discussed for Highland Avenue, Comprehensive Plan was adpoted, 4/16-4/17 and 4/30-5/1 free dump weekend.

Low income house in Belmont Hills on Madison Avenue through the HUD program and low income program.

New/Old Business:  Motion to change to calendar year fiscal year.  Motion tabled to check with Federation

Spring Cleanup: 4/30

Next meeting:  4/14

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm


11/5/15 Meeting Minutes

9 people in attendance including all four executive board members(John Mayer, Lisa Fusaro, John Toner and Greg Strickland)

  • Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm by John Mayer (President)
  • Treasurer’s report
    • $1,724 balance in checking account.  $70 in dues came in.  $365 collected at October meeting and parade.
    • $535 of expenses were incurred for Halloween Parade
  • Library Report
    • 134 Donations this years totaling $8,686.  Average donation was $65.  Mistic night is Saturday 11/7.
  • Federation Report
    • Student Housing regulation
    • Institutional zoning-there is a need to have it.
  • Commissioner’s Report:  Paul McElhaney
    • Started budget discussions
    • No tax increase
    • Workers Association discussions
    • Paul is going to correct graffiti in public bathroom at Park
    • Paul is working with Pam and John Mayer about train tracks
    • Township is now accepting credit cards
    • Manayunk bridge open Dawn-Dusk, closed at night.
    • Blackboard Connect
  • Other Business Discussed
    • Motion by Richard Welsh to allow $100 for tee shirts.  Motion passed.
    • Discussion for sign at Triangle, to further discuss at fall cleanup 11/21.  Fall cleanup will meet at La Colina.
    • Halloween Parade went well.
    • Pot luck is scheduled for 5/15/16.
    • Next Meeting, 3/3/16.
  • Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm