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9/8 Meeting Minutes

Executive Board Attendance:  Lisa Fusaro, Greg Strickland, John Toner, John Mayer

Meeting opened at 7:30pm by John Mayer

Guest Speaker-LM Police on Neighborhood Safety.  Went through recent calls in the Hills.

Treasurer’s Report:  $1,503.91 current balance.  Working on moving accounts to Republic Bank from Firstrust.

Membership:  Flyers to go out, local kids to help via community service

Board Nomination for 10/2016-9/2017 cycle

Library Report:  600 fund drive flyers went out, currently $4,000 this year compared to last year.  Event at West Laurel Hill Cemetary Saturday 11/5, tickets available at library.

Community Center report:  Can rent room for free

Commissioner’s report:  No report

Federation report:  1st meeting coming up

Abandon home on Ashland:  John and Lisa to follow up on process on houses in disrepair

Old Business:  Triangle, Holloween Parade (October 27th, 7:30pm), Clean-up

Norfolk Southern Meeting follow up:  Horn issue less, train stopping less

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

6/2/16 meeting minutes

Executive Board Attendance:  John Mayer, Lisa Fusaro, John Toner

Meeting opened at 7:30pm by John Mayer.


Treasurer’s report:  $1,461.10 Current Balance.

Membership:  Motion to Change to calendar year membership was made and passed.

Library Report:  June 4th, flea market.  Library is still on track for renovations.

Community Watch:  Saturday,May 7th, 11am to 2pm in Ardmore

Federation Report:  Pam Delisio sent two flyers for upcoming events.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm

Old Business:

Triangle:  Tulips (along with library), Clean-up and $100 budget (same as library) to buy additional plants at BH Elementary flower Sale.  No political signs allowed on Triangle.

Weeding Day, Clean-up

Halloween Parade

The Belmont Hills Civic Association Halloween Parade is scheduled for Thursday, October 27th at 7pm.  The parade will begin at the library and proceed along some of the streets of Belmont Hills to the Firehouse  (In case of rain head to the firehouse at 7:30pm).

4/14/16 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:30pm by John Mayer

Board Attendance:  John Mayer(President), John Toner(Secretary), Greg Strickland(VP), Lisa Fusaro(Treasurer)

Treasurer’s Report:  Account Balance $1,625.93, Easter Expenses of $130.65

Membership Report:  Elections, Select Mailings, Handouts at library during flea market, block captains

Library Report:  Fund drives currently going on.  Flea Market coming up.  Renovations to library scheduled for 2017.

Community Watch:  Looking for volunteers

Community Center Report:  No report

Commissioner’s Report:  Paul McElhaney

  • Free Dump weekend this weekend
  • Shredding event, Annie Sez parking lot, This weekend, Pam Delisio
  • LM is one of five AAA rated in the country when it comes to bond issuance and finance
  • Belmont Avenue Plan update
  • Noise ordinance up for review
  • Community outreach, 3rd party audit on LM procedures
  • Managers contract is up.  2 yr contract at a time

New Business/Old Business:

  • Speeding concerns on Highland and Ashland Avenue along with Jefferson Street
  • Parking on Jefferson issues due to restaurants
  • Motion to buy plants at BH Plant Sale, $100 for the triangle.  Motion Passed.
  • No political signs on Triangle
  • Motion to pay $25 to individual in Easter Bunny outfit for Easter Egg Hunt.  Motion Passed.
  • May 15th, Civic BBQ at McMoran Park, 3pm-7:30pm.
  • Easter Egg Hunt was a success, strong turnout, beautiful day.  Special thanks to East Laurel Cemetary and Zitner’s for donating the larger eggs.
  • Norfolk Southern Meeting to be scheduled with rep from Norfolk Southern.  Date TBD.
  • Clean-up scheduled for 4/30.  Meet at La Colina, 9am.
  • Communication Manager position discussed to handle domain name, facebook, emails and website.
  • Other committee’s discussed.

Meeting adjourned, 8:45pm.

3/3/16 Meeting Minutes

Meeting opened at 7:30pm by John Mayer

Board Attendees:  John Mayer, John Toner, Lisa Fusaro

Minutes are now being posted on website

Treasurer’s report:  $1,720 balance, dues coming in have slowed down.

Membership Report:  Upcoming door-to-door and Easter Egg Hunt

Library Report:  13 donors, $1,000 donated, fund drive letter to go out.  Flea Market coming up, Civic association to get a table.

Community Watch:  County offers training program, need volunteers.  Several incidents in Belmont Hills.  Possible cameras at pool, hockey rink and library.

Commissioner’s report:   Paul Mcelhaney, update on Belmont Avenue project, pothole Hotline (610-645-4782), Children at play sign discussed for Highland Avenue, Comprehensive Plan was adpoted, 4/16-4/17 and 4/30-5/1 free dump weekend.

Low income house in Belmont Hills on Madison Avenue through the HUD program and low income program.

New/Old Business:  Motion to change to calendar year fiscal year.  Motion tabled to check with Federation

Spring Cleanup: 4/30

Next meeting:  4/14

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm