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4/17/17 meeting minutes

Meeting opened at 7:30pm by Lisa Fusaro

Board Attendance:  John Toner, Lisa Fusaro

Treasurer’s report:  $1,300 in checking account not including Easter egg hunt and 50/50.

Library Report:  $9,540 in 2016 library donations.  Renovations in process, construction to begin early 2018.

Commissioner’s report:  Vehicle theft, 99% of vehicles involved in theft are left unlocked.  Parks program in summer.  Paul to follow up about McMoran park funds, possible pavilion.  Possible Cynwyd Trail expansion to Mann Music Center.  June 3rd, electronic dump day at dump.  Lower Merion report-it app (Stop sign down, potholes etc.)  This weekend, free dump, 8-5pm (Sat-Sun) 4/22-4/23.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

11/14/16 meeting minutes

Meeting opened at 7:30pm.

Board members in attendance:  John Mayer, Lisa Fusaro, John Toner, Greg Strickland

Treasurer’s report:  New bank Account (Republic Bank).  36 memberships renewed at Halloween parade.  $550 collected.

Membership Report:  Motion to adjust flyer passed.

Library Report:  Reviewing architect plan, Fundraiser up to $8,500.  Fundraiser at West Laurel Hill Cemetery, $6,000 raised.

Community Watch:  Greg attended training, 45 minutes

Clean-up:  La Colina wall discussed.  Possible mural opportunity, Greg to reach out to La Colina.  Beautification of Hill presented by Tom Gallagher.  To speak with Pam about off-ramp cleanup.  Ownership of space by tracks is railroad.


Halloween: John Mayer, Lisa Fusaro, Michael Spataco & volunteers

Easter Egg:  John Mayer, John Toner, Lisa Campenella & volunteers

Triangle Flowers: Eurhi Jones

Clean up:  Open

BBQ: Open

Dues and Dues Process:  Open

Local Talent:  Businesses, Open

Welcome Committee:  Open

Meeting Adjourned: 8:15pm




Upcoming Events

Easter Egg Hunt-Saturday, 4/15/17 (Noon Sharp at McMoran Park)

BBQ-6/18/17 (3-6pm-McMoran Park)

Clean-up-3rd Saturday of the Month (March to October)  Meet by end of Jefferson Street or Triangle Garden-8am to 10am.

Future Meeting Dates







No meetings in January, February, July and August.

Monday, October 17th, meeting minutes

-Meeting opened at 7:30pm by John Mayer.

-Board attendance:  John Mayer, John Toner, Greg Strickland, Lisa Fusaro

-Guest Speaker-LM Detectives and Town Watch.  2 officers from LM.  Drugs increasing all over, use and dealing.  All residents should be good observers, report via phone or go to station. Call 911, ask for montco dispatch.  School zone recap.  Dealing, 2 yr minimum within 1,000 feet of school.

-Treasurer’s Report:  Current balance in account, $1,407.04.  Federation dues were paid, $85.

-Membership report:  Door knob bags-Goal of 100-125 paying members.  Dues to be collected at voting locations?

-Upcoming 2016/17 year, switched to Monday meetings

-Board voting for 10-2016 to 9-2017 cycle:  Motion to continue existing board passes.  Adjustments to Bylaws.

-Library Report:  $120 Donations, current balance of $7,260.  Renovations update and bid cost.

-Community Watch:  Started in 1977, Next training, 11/2/16

-Commissioner’s report:  No report.

-Federation Report & Federation Process:  Greg will give details of Federation meeting during civic meeting and a summary via e-mail.  For voting issues-Greg sends Civic board an e-mail within 48 hours (copying Paul) so the civic association can review and circulate to BH residents.  The civic will decide on each issue-yes or no vote.  As a group and as a civic decide on whcih topics the civic wants to weigh in on and which ones it does not.

-Meeting adjourned by John Mayer at 8:30pm.